Colours of Paradise Production

We want to be completely open and honest with our customers and followers. From our end, each and every process that goes into the collections would be nothing without our amazing manufacturers! 

The amazing staff that helps our dream collections come true are such talented people. Everything is done by hand in Bali, Indonesia. As we are based in Australia, it is extremely hard to find the time to go over for long periods of time to work everything out with the staff. But they manage to get everything perfect after a lot of samples and phone calls later.

This has been the biggest collection Kornati Swim has ever done and we could not have done it without the Wita, Suci, Suuka and Yudi who all have their own roles in the process. 

We use all recycled fabric that is made out of plastic bottles, the staff cut the fabric to ensure their is no fabric waisted, and with our left over fabric we decided to create matching scrunchies for you ladies. 

So you know that we tried our absolute best to make this collection as sustainable and ethical as we possibly could, and we achieved that with the amazing staff.